Loss Prevention Associate Job

Company Name:
- Greenville, SC---Haywood Mall, 00695
Job Title:Loss Prevention Associate
Are you interested in the Criminal Justice field, but not the least bit interested in riding around in a patrol car? Are you interested in learning how to run a business, but unsure as to how that might relate to Criminal Justice? Would you describe yourself as a confident, emotionally strong individual that can handle difficult customer situations with ease? Well...being a Loss Prevention Specialist in the new jcp might be the
for you! Come be a part of our team.
The LP Associate's role is to keep our store safe and profitable at all times by investigating any suspicious customer activities or behavior in the store, taking action when needed and by executing company programs.
Conducts surveillance - You have a curious mind and can blend in well with other shoppers. You observe customers and contractors in the store and look for any activities or behavior that may be associated with theft, fraud, or impending violence.
Interviews suspects and write reports - You are a master at using words instead of force when it comes to difficult situations. You listen effectively and probe for further detail when conducting interviews with shoplifters. You are an accurate and descriptive writer that can communicate exactly what happened during a situation to any audience.
Supports shrinkage and safety awareness programs - You know how important it is for the team to understand current shrinkage and safety issues related to store profitability and environment. You let team members know what's going on and what they need to do to create the right store experience.
Maintains records - You're in charge of a lot of detail. The company and law enforcement agencies are depending on you to have complete and accurate reports to assist any investigation that may need to occur in the store.
Participates in court hearings - You're a pro when it comes to witness stand (and not because you have been questioned by the prosecutor many times). You know the facts and can deliver them like a well seasoned pro. Others may get nervous or forget the details under pressure, but not you...You have the facts, you know the facts, and you are more than willing to educate others on the details.
Supports workplace safety - You know that having a safe environment is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and team member safety. You walk the floor to identify and address potential hazards to the customer and our team. You are the guy or the gal who helps old people across the street, but don't necessarily have a bunch of badges to prove you are a good person.
Supports internal investigations - You're the talent to handle most external loss prevention issues, but there may be times where your assistance is needed to investigate your peers that may be acting inappropriately within the store. Your observation skills, LP knowledge, and ability to remain objective with your teammates will greatly assist your LP leaders with this vital intelligence.
Skills and Characteristics:
o Build Trust: You demonstrate character and integrity in your actions, you show the courage to do what's right, and you do great work because you have the right skill and experience.
o Work with Others: You're a team player who willingly shares information, you enjoy providing outstanding service, and you build positive working relationships.
o Drive Results: You use your abilities to think critically, solve problems and take action to get things done and make things better.
o Passion for Loss Prevention - You're a sponge for learning new LP techniques and are driven to stop crime at every corner!
o Balanced Temperament - You've got "a level head" and handle difficult situations with discretion.
o Detail Orientation - You've never left your "T's" uncrossed or your "I's" undotted. You know what's right and check and double check to ensure it's right.
o Influence - You are not a pushy person, but you know how to maneuver in a conversation to get someone to act differently.
o Decisive - You are exact and can make good decisions quickly even when you may not have all the information available.
o Accountability - You are a very responsible person and take ownership for your triumphs as well as your mistakes.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.